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Our shower drains are made of Scandinavian stainless steel and acid resistant steel AISI304 of the highiest quality. Vogi linear shower drains are also resistant to corrosion and effects of aggressive  chemical products found for example in cleaning agents.


Our models are characterised by modern design and technical precision of workmanship at the highest level. Polish production that equals the highiest European standard ensures a very long service life and allows us to offer a stasndard warranty that lasts 25 years

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The Vogi company was founded with passion and family tradition to creating high - class stainless steel products. Experience and knowledge that we have gained over many years give us a strong experience in production linear shower drains, floor drains and waterproofing membranes wich are nesessery in bathroom remodel. In Vogi Poland you will finde many types of models shower drains. From CLASSIC to narrow ULTRA SLIM and SPECIAL models wich are made for individual customer order.

Why you should buy our products? The answear is very simple: Because shower drains made by Vogi are high-performance and long-lasting products with 25 years of gwarranty.


Bogdan Skóra

"I bought a shower drain from another company and it was 'badly made'. 
I have been advised to check Vogi products. I bought Ultra Slim model wich is available at a very good price. Thank you."


Dawid Łowicki

"I was looking for a linear shower drain for a bathing room. I found a solution in Vogi Company. They offered me an individual shower drain model customized form my bathroom. Beauty square - shaped drain with ideal size and a good price. I highly recommend Vogi company - if someone needs
standard or non-standard shower drain! I have not found better professionals on the market"


Fabian Skoczek

"Very good and quick contact with Vogi customer service. I was professionally advised what kind of linear shower drain I have to choose. I was remodel my bathroom and needed professional opinion. I ordered, thank you for your help. I will be recommending your products!"

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Świlcza 147c

36 - 072 Świlcza

tel: + 48 519 142 650

e - mail:

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